About Us

Hey! Thank you for listening, sharing, following and supporting! We’re the voices behind E is for Eff It! I’m Soa and I’m Jai!

We’re business besties that came together to push dreamers, like ourselves, into action. Our podcast, items for purchase and brand started as an idea between friends to host a vision board event. After several conversations our group of friends concluded that we needed more than vision boards and we needed partners to keep us accountable. Fast forward a year later and we launched E is for Eff It! — a storytelling platform that hopes to inspire, inform, and empower dreamers. Stop dreaming. Start doing!

Eff It! Podcast

Listen! Eff is for Fourth Quarter

IT’S THE FOURTH QUARTER! Have you finished the drill? What are you doing to destroy those goals and move your business forward? Join the ladies of Eff It! as they discuss why Netflix is the blackest streaming site ever and hear why Shawntel invited Becky to A Seat at the Lemonade stand. Discover why the fourth quarter […]

LIsten! Eff is for Finish

It took guts to get started. Now you must focus on the process of finishing. Listen in to this week’s episode as Shawntel and Jamillah discuss the importance of finishing what you started and coming full circle with your goals. Check out the latest E is for Eff It! And don’t forget to mark your […]

Eff It Interviews Jamillah R. – BeFriend Your Brand

What makes a good publicist and how can you learn their tips and tricks to DIY your public relations? Listen in as Jamillah Rahmaad of JR|PR shares her story and experiences as a PR practitioner and find out what advice she has for entrepreneurs on how to build authority and befriend their brand. Learn more […]

What Is An Eff It Moment?!

A decree. A game-changer. A lesson. When the light bulb went off.

  1. A defining moment that drove you to success
  2. A time when you stopped dreaming and started doing; when you said ‘Eff It!’, it’s time for a change
  3. A moment when you were forced/pushed into using everything you had to accomplish a goal
  4. When your passion exploded, your heart and mind raced with ideas and you could no longer ignore it
  5. A learning lesson; a time where you learned something that ultimately made you better