Hey! Thank you for listening, sharing, following and supporting! We’re the voices behind E is for Eff It! I’m Soa and I’m Jai!

We’re business besties that came together to push dreamers, like ourselves, into action. Our podcast, items for purchase and brand started as an idea between friends to host a vision board event. After several conversations our group of friends concluded that we needed more than vision boards and we needed partners to keep us accountable. Fast forward a year later and we launched E is for Eff It! — a storytelling platform that hopes to inspire, inform, and empower dreamers. Stop dreaming. Start doing!

Every Friday, you will find a new podcast, Eff It Fridays, featuring a wide range of guests, our favorite Eff words, and chat to help you Eff up your dreams! On our site you will find insightful interviews, special guest features, candid conversations between Jai and Soa, and a shop where you can purchase inspiring products to keep you motivated and on track with accomplishing your goals. We promise to energize your Eff It moment, so you can stop dreaming and start doing!

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We’re so effing excited to meet you!

Jai + Soa

E is for Eff It!